In 1999, Bekim Imeri envisioned a stucco company that would satisfy the needs of major commercial builders. Convinced there was room for improvement in the age-old process of hauling mud up in buckets and troweling it onto the wall by hand, Bekim Imeri put his ideas to work.

Ten consecutive years of phenomenal growth has made Integral Stucco System a valued subcontractor in large commercial and residential projects across Ontario.

If you’re a commercial builder or general contractor, please spend a few minutes looking around our website. You’ll quickly see why Integral Stucco System is different from other stucco contractors, and what that difference can mean to you. You can also get a pretty good idea of what we do by accessing our Gallery.

We bid on large commercial and residential projects across the country. We also step in and finish jobs that have been started by other companies but have fallen behind schedule.

Coast to coast, no matter what the size of the job, Integral Stucco System has you covered.